The EVO-AMI is a compact, two-axis positioning and rate table which features all required performance parameters for test and calibration of MEMS or FOG based inertial navigation systems or optronic payloads. The EVO-AMI offers the best price/performance ratio on the market.

The EVO-AMI is designed with key components chosen for having the best quality.  Brushless motors, optical encoders and slip-ring capsules are critical to the performance of the complete system.  Every EVO-AMI comes with iXblue nGine controller and ProaXe Graphical User Interface, which are the most advanced control electronics in terms of performance, efficiency and safety. These smart innovations help reduce customers’ integration time and non-recurring costs.

SCALABILITY: The EVO-AMI can evolve with your process. The compact, two-axis test-table may be combined with an EVO-10M single-axis test-table to create a three-axis solution. It may also be installed within a climatic chamber to enhance the environmental simulation.


Nominal payload mass
12 kg

Positioning accuracy

< ±10
Arc sec

Axis maximum rate

± 300

Operating temperatures

-40°C to +85°C


  • Best price/performance ratio on the market
  • Compact size
  • Maintenance free
  • Automated testing
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Can operate within climatic chambers for temperature and motion simulation


  • Direct drive brushless electric motors
  • High accuracy optical encoders
  • Horizontal outer axis configuration can independently simulate three axes of motion.
  • Correct orientation of axes for full 6 DOF IMU calibration
  • iXblue nGine controller including:
    • Patented auto-tuning of controller parameters
    • Patented adaptive sine bandwidth enhancement
    • Auto tuned anti-cogging
    • Real-time built-in-test
    • Advanced unbalance and fault detection
  • iXblue ProaXe Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Main performance






Large Size

Nominal payload

12 Kg

Maximum payload

20 Kg

Mounting tray dimensions

280 x 190 x 170 mm

Mechanical Specifications


Position accuracy

≤ 10 arc sec

Maximum wobble

≤ 15 arc sec


≤ 20 arc sec

Dynamic Specifications



Maximum Rate

300 °/s

300 °/s

Peak Acceleration

150 °/s²

150 °/s²


5 Hz

5 Hz



The EVO-AMI is a motion simulator designed for test and calibration of MEMS or FOG-based inertial systems or optronic payloads :

  • Accelerometers
  • Gyroscopes FOG / MEMS / RLG / HRG
  • Artificial horizons