The EVO-30 Series is a full range of high-performance and modular three-axis positioning and rate tables which feature all required performance parameters for test and calibration of all grades of inertial sensors, from mass production of commercial grade MEMS to Navigation Grade, unaided 6 DOF Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). The 3-Axis configuration is particularly suited to simulate Roll, Pitch and Yaw flight motion.

The EVO-30 Series is designed with key components chosen for having the best quality.  Brushless motors, optical encoders and slip-ring capsules are critical to the performance of the complete system.  Every EVO-30 comes with iXblue nGine controller and ProaXe Graphical User Interface, which are the most advanced control electronics in terms of performance, efficiency and safety. Smart innovations help reduce customers’ integration time and non-recurring costs.

SCALABILITY: The EVO-30 Series can evolve with your process. A climatic chamber may be installed onto the EVO-30 middle axis to enhance the environmental simulation. Custom slip-rings and tabletops for your Unit Under Test can also be designed.



  • Highest accuracy
  • Unrivaled dynamic performance
  • Unrivaled cross coupling rejection
  • Best-in-class rate stability
  • Adaptive features and performance for various payloads
  • Frequency response testing capabilities with no attenuation and no phase shift
  • Real-time capability with jitter <100ns
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Maintenance free


  • Direct drive brushless electric motors
  • High accuracy optical encoders
  • Optional climatic chamber
  • Wide variety of slip-rings and rotary joints
  • iXblue’s nGine controller including:
    • Patented auto-tuning of controller parameters
    • Patented adaptive sine bandwidth enhancement
    • Patented anti-coupling (cross coupling rejection)
    • Auto-tuned look-up-table-based anti-cogging
    • Real-time built-in test
    • Advanced unbalance and fault detection
  • iXblue’s ProaXe Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Main performance








Normal Size

Large Size

Nominal payload

10 Kg

50 Kg

Maximum payload

20 Kg

100 Kg

Maximum table-top diameter

450 mm

700 mm

Mechanical Specifications



Position accuracy

≤ 1 arc sec

≤ 1 arc sec

Maximum wobble

≤ 1 arc sec

≤ 1 arc sec


≤ 2 arc sec

≤ 3 arc sec

Dynamic Specifications







Maximum Rate

3 000 °/s

2 000 °/s

300 °/s

1 500 °/s

400 °/s

600 °/s

Peak Acceleration

15 000 °/s²

5 000 °/s²

3 000 °/s²

4 000 °/s²

2 000 °/s²

500 °/s²


100 Hz

20 Hz

20 Hz

100 Hz

20 Hz

20 Hz



The EVO-30 Series is a range of motion simulators designed for the accurate testing and calibration of optronic or RF payloads, IMU and INS including:

  • Gyroscopes FOG / MEMS / RLG / HRG
  • AHRS / Gyrocompasses
  • Electro-optical systems

iXblue’s EVO-30 Series can also be implemented into Dynamic and Target motion simulators (HWIL).