The DMS Series are state-of-the-art flight motion simulators designed for dynamic and real-time testing of integrated tactical missile seekers Optical, imaging Infra-red or Radio Frequency seekers in a Hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) facilities.

The DMS Series is designed with key components chosen for having the best quality. Ultra-high torque brushless motors, high precision optical encoders and rigid structures are critical to the performance of the complete system. Every DMS comes with iXblue nGine controller and ProaXe Graphical User Interface, which are the most advanced control electronics in terms of performance and real time motion control that delivers unrivaled dynamic transparency.

SCALABILITY: The DMS Series are Taylor Made to a specific customer requirement. Use of modular drives, structures and control electronics helps iXblue to offer efficient solutions.


Bandwidth better than

Precision better than

Maximum acceleration better than


  • Highest accuracy
  • Unrivaled dynamic performance
  • Best-in-class precision
  • Adaptive features and performance for various payloads
  • Unrivaled cross coupling rejection
  • Real-time capability with jitter <100ns
  • Lowest cost of ownership



  • Ultra high torque direct drive brushless electric motors
  • High accuracy optical encoders
  • Wide variety of quality slip-rings and rotary joints
  • iXblue’s nGine controller including:
    • Patented auto-tuning 
    • Patented adaptive sine 
    • Patented anti-coupling (cross coupling rejection)
    • Auto-tuned look-up-table-based anti-cogging 
    • Real-time built-in test 
    • Advanced unbalance and fault detection 
    • Real time reflective memory interfaces
  • iXblue’s ProaXe graphical user interface 


The DMS Series is a range of motion simulators designed for dynamic and real-time test of missile instrumentation including:

  • Missile seeker development
  • Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) seeker
  • Visual seeker
  • Radio Frequency (RF) seeker