Advanced mechanics

iXblue uses best-in-class tools and processes for mechanical design and finite-element-analysis providing:

  • Higher resonant frequencies resulting in wider bandwidth
  • Best-in-class precision of mechanical structures
  • Modularity of design between all Series for better commonality and lower upgrade costs


Advanced electronics

iXblue pioneered the use of key state-of-the-art technologies in motion simulation:

  • Low cogging AC direct drive motors designed for enhanced stability
  • High performance drives with minimum ripple
  • High performance optical encoders with high resolution (< 0.02 arc sec)
  • High quality standard or custom slip-rings, and fiber-optic, gas and fluid rotary joints
  • Proprietary model based digital electronics for improved positioning and rate accuracy


Unrivaled control 

iXblue has patented advanced axis control technologies that are implemented within the nGine controller:

  • Auto-tuning of controller parameters
  • Adaptive sine bandwidth enhancement with minimal attenuation and phase-shift
  • Anti-coupling between axis
  • Advanced unbalance and fault detection
  • Auto-tuned anti-cogging
  • Real-time built-in-test